Worth The Wait

Well, here it is. 2013! It’s going to be a great year. I finally picked up my CDs on Dec 11th. It looks great. Thanks so much Jill Mandic. It sounds great too, a big thank you to Tom Althouse at Silk Purse Recording. great job everyone. Roelf Woldring did the photography and it shows that he knows what he’s doing. Special thanks to all the players who helped in the creation of my songs.. You never know how things will turn out in the end after individual musicians put their own spin on things, what a fantastic thing it is to create art with others!!

You can purchase ‘Along The Way’ from my website or contact me through FB.

This is also going to be a huge year for my family and I. Lynne and I are celebrating our 20th Anniversary by heading to the island of Eleuthera for a week at a private cottage on the beach. So looking forward to that! Our beautiful daughter will be going on her Grade 8 trip to Quebec City, then she is going to France for 1 month on an International Student Exchange then her exchange will be spending the month of August with us. Then in September she starts high-school. Wow. The times are-a-changing!

Musically, I have some fantastic gigs to start the year. I have been asked to be the Featured Artist at the Elora Acoustic Cafe on Jan.11th. This place is awesome! I’m hoping to have some friends join me onstage there as well. Such a great room and the audience is out of this world as they are there for the music only and so attentive you can hear a pin drop. Sometimes a little unnerving but so much fun. On Jan.12th, Pam Davies and I are doing a set at the Benefit for Habitat for Humanity. We get to share the stage with Tony McManus, rich Burnett and Tricia Brubacher among others. This should be fun.

On Feb. 10th, I have been asked to do two sets at the Women’s Health and wellness expo at the Center Wellington Sportsplex. This show had to moved to a larger venue as the attendance and vendors grew from last years inaugural year.

Well, I think that will keep you up to date for now.

All the best to and your families through 2013!

Stay safe and support a local charity. It Helps!


Wow! There goes September and half of October. Scary! Sorry that it has been a while since my last post, The CD is two weeks away from getting printed. Jill has been working hard within the time constraints that have been thrown at her, My heart goes out to you! I think she sent the final draft in, now I need to get my hard copy in and away it goes. I’m really looking forward to having my music heard on a larger scale than only at live performances. hopefully it will prove interesting at the least!


I’ve been doing a lot of running this year. I am surprised at how much I am enjoying the exhilaration and the pain. Not real unbearable pain but strain and pull and pushing the limits of my own body is something I didn’t realize was good for my mental health. Let alone the benefits of a great workout every other day. I have found that trail running is amazing. I liken it to mountain biking as the same trails are used but your body speed is much more constant, there is no coasting, gears or brakes. The beauty of the surroundings is breathtaking. I love the quiet of outdoors. I love the peace of the natural terrain. I love the idea of ancient trails. I love those moments when I realize after running for a while that my breathing is clear, even and unencumbered. My mind wanders to what passed thru the same area over hundreds of years ago. The youthful history of Canada is incredible. There still seems to be endless unbroken terrain and trails. The Bruce Trail being one of many amazing trails that lead thru all types of countryside. Just fantastic!!


Musically, I haven’t been writing for a while but I think that is where my mind is headed. I need those new ideas to flow and let myself be creative again. It seems I have been practicing for gigs whenever  I have the time. It’s a good thing but it steals from the imagination side and it always takes more time to get back in the ‘writing’ groove.


Once the Cd is released I will put a lot of energy into preparing and planning for a CD Release Party. Probably at the Fergus Grand Theatre. It’s a great music venue and holds approx 220 people. I’d be happy to half fill the room. Anyway, I am asking some folks if they are interested in participating and getting a full band together. That again will take lots of practicing and organizing but way more fun than anything else (ok maybe its in third place ;) …).


Anyhow folks, it’s less than 10 weeks till Xmas!! So start your shopping early. Music is a great gift and always worth giving.


Until next time, take care of each other. Thanks. Nick.

Summer Is Almost Over!!

Hey folks. Wow! The time flies when you have a bit of fun! Had a great time at the Fergus Scottish Festival this past weekend. Janice Howie, Terry van Dreumel and I shared the stage with some amazing musicians. Tommy Leadbeater, Scooter Muse and Jill Chambless just to name a few. The support from the community and the volunteers make the festival fantastic year in, year out.

The wifey and I have the week off as we have a friend of our daughter staying with us. The time surely slips away quickly though.

I am hoping to get back into the studio this week to finish off some of the mix down. Now Jill Mandic and I are working on the CD cover art and concepts. I am hoping to have it all complete by Septembers end. Then maybe a CD release party at the Fergus Grand Theatre?  Thats is all yet to be worked out.

Anyhow, I hope to be a little more complete the next time I blog. Stay fit , have fun and remember ‘ What goes around, comes around’.

Clapton, The Beatles, Gordon Lightfoot and Me!

    WOW! Where did the spring go?!? Now we are almost at the Solstice. Man, time flies when you are busy. I have a few projects on the go these days. Recording my first CD is taking priority though, leaving my lovely wife a bit of a music widow again! I am so lucky to have her and my daughter behind me with 100% support!! Thanx Girls!!

    As I said I am recording now. Its only been 30 years in the making! We are almost finished laying tracks down. Thanks to all of the musicians that have generously given their time and talent to the project. It’s nice to have that community support. So the next step is Mixdown, at which I get to create the pauses and spaces needed in the music. Then on to the Mastering stage to make it accessible to all types of media. Fun, fun, fun!!

   There are a few shows coming up. Starting this Thursday and every second one after I will be playing at the Cork restaurant in Elora between 6 and 9:00. A private house concert on July 13th should prove enjoyable. The Fergus Scottish Festival is fast approaching. Janice Howie, Terry Van Dreumel and I have several gigs over that weekend (Aug 10,11,12) so I guess we should start practicing? Eloras Art in the Yard is July 7th at which I will playing the same stage as Ian Reid, Rich Burnett, David Celia and many others throughout the day and evening. Joining me will be Pam Davies and hopefully Rein Rutnik.

    This weekend is the Summer Soltice 24hr race at Albion Hills. This is a lot of fun and a really good workout!. My daughter and a friend are coming with us again. Our team is mainly 40ish year old dads who love riding mountain bike and spending the time with our kids. We are just happy to still be able to do this and aren’t concerned about our rank. Completion is the key here!  The loop is 18km of mixed single and double track through the bush. Hope to do 60-65 min loop times. All in good fun!

    Well, again thanks for reading. Please support local food banks, do some volunteer work ( its worth it on both ends!) and always support your local and not so local musicians. See you next time!!

Run, Ride, Strum and Slide

     Hi folks, it’s been a while since the first post. Time flies when you are having fun. The Spring is gone and I think Summer is upon us. Swimming, campfires and noodling in the garden. I’ve been playing lots with several different folks over the past couple months. Some new friends and some old friends. It’s always fun to revisit and reconnect with people from the past.

    The reason for all the playing is I am recording a CD of original tunes. It’s only been in the making for 30 years!!! A couple songs on the CD were written over 20 years ago during my teens and early twenties. On the other side of the coin though there is a song that was just written this year, March, I believe. It’s really cool to hear these songs that have been rattling around in my skull for a long time take shape and form and even evolve into new sounds.

    Some of the people involved are Pete Pascetta on drums, Ben Huband on bass, Pam Davies, Tricia Brubacher and Julie Corey on backup vocals. Tom Althouse is working his magic at his studio, Silk Purse Recording, Elora. Roelf Woldring is taking a lot of photos for me and Jill Mandic needs to be commended for putting together the website and helping get into the world of visul arts and blogging.

    OK, enough idle chit-chat. There are folks coming over for a practice so, until next time, thanks for visiting the website and blog. Hopefully there will be some updates soon. There are lots of summer gigs getting setup (thanx Steve!) so I hope to see you out there supporting live music and local food banks.

Bye for now.


First Time Around The Track

   Well here we go! This is the first of hopefully many blog entries so a big ‘Hello’ to everyone and thanks for visiting the site.

    The ideas are starting to turn into realities. A new website, some new photos coming and I’m working on my debut CD. This has all been about twenty years in the making, ( I really like to think things out (yeah, right)), but now feels like the right time. Not that I need all the planets to be aligned or perfection everywhere I look but it seems to be a comfortable and logical next step. Some of the songs have been around for a while but a couple are brand spanking new to keep it ‘fresh and tasty’.

   Over the last two years I have met an incredible group of people through the local music scene as well as community events. There is a great place to listen and play music once a month, The Elora Acoustic Cafe allows performers 2-3 songs each over an hour and a half. Then you are treated to some world class performers who have lots of stories and songs to give away over the next hour or so. It is such an intimate setting and wonderful place to hear music so close to home.

    From there I’ve met a studio engineer, a website designer, a photographer, several songwriters, musicians and vocalists. All of whom have passion for their art. Such a great and supportive crowd!! It is with these folks that I am doing something I’ve only dreamt about. Life is good!

   And now as the weather gets warmer and the outdoors are more inviting, my beautiful wife and daughter (the ‘girls’), are looking forward to enjoying the backyard again. We never stop BBQing even in the harshest winter but it sure is nice to be on the deck in shorts in the middle of March! I just hope we don’t pay for it later.

   Ok, that’s it for now. Again, I welcome everyone to the site and please keep supporting your local artists. And if you can, your local charities and food banks always need a helping hand. See you next time !!